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robert-and-erin-on-bike-trailThe Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department has nearly 9 miles of hike and bike trails along the North and South San Gabriel Rivers.

San Gabriel River Trail

There is a 1.6-mile granite trail that loops through San Gabriel Park. Along the North San Gabriel River, there is a one-mile lighted concrete trail that starts in San Gabriel Park and goes to Rivery Park. Along the South San Gabriel River, there is a one-mile lighted concrete trail that starts near the intersection of College Street and W.L. Walden Drive and goes to Blue Hole Park.

The City of Georgetown’s San Gabriel River Trail was designated a National Recreation Trail by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2006.

Pickett Trail

Pickett Trail is a 0.5 mile rustic, natural trail that follows the cliffs along the scenic South San Gabriel River connecting Blue Hole Park and Chautauqua Park.

Pickett Trail was built in the 1970’s and historians say it was named after Bill Pickett, a famous rodeo cowboy. Pickett Trail is a natural trail with portions being of hard rock surface. Steps and stairs provide access along the trail. The width of the trail varies from 4 feet to 6 feet. Pickett Trail goes through rock formations and outcroppings that are hard to find and unique to the area.

The trail connects to the existing San Gabriel River Trails which is fully accessible and 8.2 miles. The San Gabriel River Trails follow the North and South San Gabriel River through San Gabriel Park and ultimately to Lake Georgetown. Pickett Trail picks up where the San Gabriel River Trails end at Blue Hole Park.

Pickett Trail is a natural progression down the South San Gabriel River. This trail provides for a more challenging hike than our other trail systems and is not ADA accessible. This newly restored trail has been made usable and safe for the citizens without damaging the natural beauty of the river corridor.

For more information on the trail system, please contact Georgetown Parks and Recreation at (512) 930-3595.