Softball Rules


   Please note that these rules supersede the ASA rulebook

  1. Team rosters must be turned in at the time of registration. Players must be added to the roster prior to an individual playing. A players name may appear on one men’s/women’s or coed roster per night.  Adding players to a team roster may be done by a coach or official team representative.  Phone in additions will be accepted by calling 930-3594.  No players can be added the last two weeks of regular league schedule.  Players are allowed to play on a men’s/women’s team and a coed team in the same night.  Picking up players who are not on your roster can result in forfeiting the game, if protested.  Only the opposing team captain or manager may protest illegal or ineligible players (see rule 20 regarding protest procedures).  Protest of illegal player(s) must be done during the game while the player in question is in the game.  If protested, players must be able to produce proper ID when requested by an umpire.  Rosters are limited to 20 players.    Participants playing under an assumed name may be suspended for the remainder of the league.  If it is the last game of league play, suspension may be enforced at the beginning of the next league. PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO PLAY IN THE ADULT SOFTBALL LEAGUES.  THOSE WHO ARE AT LEAST 17 YEARS OF AGE MAY PLAY IF THEIR 18TH BIRTHDAY FALLS DURING THAT CALENDAR YEAR.
  1. Games will be 7 innings or 50 a minute time limit. The game clock should start with the first pitch of the game. The home plate umpire will determine the official time for starting and ending the game.  When an inning has started, the inning must be completed unless the home team is at bat and leading in runs scored.
  1. Run rules will be in effect as follows: 20 runs after 3 innings, 15 runs after four innings, 10 runs after five innings, or 10 runs after forty-five minutes of play. (Losing team must bat in the last inning). If a team is losing a game due to our designated run rule, the manager may express their desire to continue play.  If both managers agree to continue play, they will do so under their own control.  The umpires are not required to continue in their capacity once a run rule has taken place.
  1. Teams may start the game with 8 players with the missing player placed in the ninth spot in the order. The ninth and tenth positions shall be an automatic out. If the ninth player arrives, he/she must assume the ninth batting position.  The tenth spot will continue to be an automatic out.  If the tenth player arrives, he/she must assume the tenth batting position.

If a player is ejected, injured or has to leave the game for any reason and there is not a sub to replace them the game continues with the missing player being an automatic out when it is his/her turn to bat.  If a team reaches a point that they are missing enough players to result in 3 automatic outs, the game will be called a forfeit.


Co-ed teams consist of equal number of men and women, and can start with as few as eight players.  Teams may play with nine players but there can never be a difference of more than one male to female players on the field at one time.  Playing 5 women and 4 men or 4 women and 5 men will be legal (tenth spot in the lineup will be an automatic out).  Batting order must be staggered male/female.  The pitcher and catcher must be a male/female combination.  The outfield must have two males and two females. The infield must also have two males and two females.   If the Male walks (intentional or unintentional), it is an automatic two (2) base walk. The female will bat.

EXCEPTION; With two (2) outs, the female batter has the option to walk or hit.

  1. Teams will be required to furnish the umpire with one playable ball and the umpire has the right to reject any ball considered to be unplayable. All teams must have an additional ball ready when the ball is fouled out of play. Exchange of softballs with the pitcher is allowed after each ½ inning or when ball is hit or thrown out of the playing field, or at the discretion of the umpire(s).  All balls for men’s ASA league play must be Core .52 or below and may not exceed 300 pounds of compression and must be factory stamped with an ASA licensed softball sanction trademark.  All balls for women’s league play and coed play must be Core .47 or below and may not exceed 400 pounds of compression and must be factory stamped with an ASA licensed softball sanction trademark.  Balls labeled Elite or Classic M are legal for league play during USSSA league nights. Balls may be purchased from the Recreation Center front desk for $5.00.
  1. Drinking alcoholic beverages will not be permitted until the conclusion of your game. Violations may result in an ejection from the park and a 2-week suspension.  If the violation occurs during the last 2 weeks of league play, the game may be forfeited and suspensions extended into the next season of participation. Umpires have the authority to remove players under the influence of alcohol for safety of the players.
  1. Smoking is not permitted at the McMaster Athletic Complex.
  1. Infield or batting practice on the playing field prior to your scheduled game is prohibited. If games are rained out, you are not allowed to practice on the field.  Teams must warm up in the outfield or the designated area between fields # 1 and # 4.  Soft toss is not permitted against any of the fences in the McMaster Complex.
  1. Ejection of a player(s) from a game may result in a 2-week or four game suspension for Men’s and Co-ed leagues (if playing in both Men’s and Co-ed. leagues). For Church and Women’s leagues, 2 weeks or 2 games apply. If there is a Flagrant Violation, players may be suspended for the remainder season or permanently. If it is the last game of the league or season, the player(s) may be suspended for the next league or season.  If playing in multiple leagues, the player(s) may be suspended, as specified above from participation in all leagues.  The Superintendent/Athletic Coordinator shall make decisions on all suspensions. Recommendations from umpires will be considered in all decisions.
  1. Players must wear shirts, pants or playing shorts, and shoes at all times. No metal cleats or hard football type cleats can be worn in league play.
  1. Tie games will go to One-Pitch play (no extra foul during one pitch for all leagues/divisions. A foul will result in an out) after the time limit has expired, or 7 innings have been played.  Play will continue until a winner is determined.
  1. All League games (Men, Women, Church or Co-ed) will start with a 1-1 count (1 ball and 1 strike).

Co-ed teams will be allowed one extra foul in regulation.

  1. Official lineup cards may be obtained from the umpire. Lineups must be turned in to the umpire TEN MINUTES prior to your scheduled game time.  Players listed on your lineup card MUST BE PRESENT AT THE BALLFIELD. If lineups are not turned in as specified above, the opposing team has the option to choose Home or Visitor. The team choosing to be the Home team will be responsible for keeping the scorebook for the duration of the game. For the first game of the night (7:00pm or 6:30pm) if one team does not have the minimum of 8 players at game time, the opposing manager will have the option of taking a win by forfeit or, allowing a five minute grace period to wait on the missing players.  If the grace period is chosen, the game clock will start.  If the missing player(s) arrive before five minutes has passed the game will begin with the clock at its current time.  If five minutes passes before the player(s) arrive, the game will be declared a forfeit.  For games after the first game of the night, game time is forfeit time according to the umpire’s watch.  If a team forfeits two games in a season, they are automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.
  1. A limit of over-the-fence home runs will be used in all league games. Men’s Medium League, 6 Home Runs, Men’s Low League 3 Home Runs (also includes Men’s Church League).  Co-ed Medium, 3 Home Runs, Co-ed Low League 1 Home Run.  The batter will be ruled out for any home runs over the limit.  Anytime the batter is ruled out because of the excess home run rule, the ball is dead and no runners can advance.
  1. All Church Teams should consist of Church Members only. When selecting between Low and Medium League please be honest about your team’s ability.  Do not enter a team in a Low League just to improve your chances of winning the division.  (This applies to any league, Men’s, Church, Women or Co-ed).  Teams winning their division are subject to being bumped up to the next level of play for the next season.
  1. In event of rain or light failure, 4 ½ innings or ½ of the playing time will constitute a game, provided home team is ahead.  If games have not reached this point they will be replayed from the start.  The score of a called regulation game (4 ½ innings or ½ of the playing time) shall be the score at the end of the last complete inning.
  1. The Home Plate Umpire shall have the authority to make decisions on any situation not specifically covered by these rules or the A.S.A. Rule Book. Umpires are in complete control of conducting the game.
  1. Rain-Out number to call after 4:00 P.M. is (512) 931-7719. Please do not call before 4:00 P.M.  If there is no recorded message about the games being rained out, we will intend to play them as scheduledRain occurring after 4:00 P.M. will delay notification on the recording.  Reschedule information will be posted on the recording when possible. Reschedule information will also be posted on our website at
  1. Protests (on rules only) must be submitted in writing within 48 hours (Monday after Friday night games) after the game to the City of Georgetown Recreation Department with a $50.00 deposit (cash or check only). Checks should be made payable to the City of Georgetown.  Failure to submit a written protest and check/cash within the designated 48 hours will void the protest.  If the protest is upheld, the $50.00 will be returned.  If the protest is not allowed, the $50.00 deposit will be kept by the City of Georgetown. Protests must be handled as outlined in the A.S.A. Rule Book.  Umpires and scorekeepers must also document protests with an explanation of the call. Signature/date/time are also required.
  1. Game time, as listed on the official league schedule will be forfeit time. No forfeit shall be declared earlier than the regularly scheduled time.  Although the umpires will be fair, the official time is the UMPIRES TIME only.  Teams with a legal number of players (8) must take the field when directed to do so by the home plate umpire.  Failure to do so will result in the plate umpire starting the game clock and calling a ball every 10 seconds until the defensive team takes the field.  Once a runner is forced home by a base on balls, the game will be declared a forfeit.  If the defensive team takes the field prior to the declared forfeit, play will resume with the current pitch count and base runners in effect.

If the batting team fails to send a batter to the batter’s box when directed to do so by the plate umpire, the umpire will start the clock and begin calling automatic strikes every10 seconds until the appropriate batter enters the batters box.  Failure to send the appropriate batter to the batter’s box before the side is retired will result in a called forfeit.  If the appropriate batter enters the batter’s box prior to the declared forfeit, play will resume with the current ball, strike, and out count in effect.


  1. In case of a tie for 1st place at the conclusion of League play, the following tie-breaking procedure will be used to determine the order of finish.
  2. Head-to-head results between teams that are tied will determine the winner.
  3. If the teams split in head-to-head games, the run differential in those games will be used.
  4. If teams are still tied, a playoff game will be scheduled by Parks & Recreation to determine the winner.
  1. If a team is declared a winner by forfeit, they will have use of the field for practice until 15 minutes before the next scheduled game time.  Umpires will NOT umpire or keep score for forfeits.
  1. Dugout and player conduct: This rule reflects on coaches, players, substitutes, or other bench personnel. Once a game begins, only players that are involved in the game can be on the field except when the rule allows or the reason is justified by either umpire.  A manager walking on the field for a conference is an example of a rule allowing a coach or player on the field.  Any discrepancies regarding scoring or lineups must be communicated to the umpire by a coach or manager.  The umpire will then consult with the team keeping score to resolve any discrepancies.  Profane language will not be tolerated.  Warnings are not necessary for a player to be ejected for using profane language. 
  1. Lightning-We will use UIL standards.

In the event of a thunderstorm, umpires will count the number of seconds between lightning and thunder.  If the number is 30 seconds or less, all games will be suspended for 30 minutes.  At the end of the 30 minutes, play will resume if the time between lightning and thunder is 30 seconds or longer.  If lightning and thunder persist for more than 30 minutes, all games will be cancelled for the remainder of the evening.  Games that do not meet the criteria of a complete game (Rule 17) will be rescheduled for a later date and replayed from the beginning on the rescheduled date.

  1. Amplified music, glass containers and pets are not allowed at the McMaster Athletic Complex. All motor vehicles must be parked in legal spots. Illegally parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed.