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Camp Goodwater Parent FAQ’s

1. How can I contact the camp staff or my child while he/she is at camp?
We know that many kids have cell phones, but we prefer that phones not be brought to camp. If you do need to contact the camp staff or your child, please call the Recreation Center at 512-930-3596. The person answering the phone will find the nearest available camp staff member to come to the phone or take a message so that we can call you back as soon as possible!

2. Which group will my child be in?
The answer to this question depends on the ages of the campers enrolled in a given week. Campers will always be placed in groups with other campers similar in age. However, the exact number of other campers of any particular age almost always fluctuates. For example, one week may have a larger number of 3rd graders enrolled and we will need to make two separate groups for that grade. The next week’s enrollment might only have several 3rd graders but a larger number of 4th graders, in which case we will adjust groups accordingly. We will always attempt to keep your child with the same counselor throughout the summer when possible. We try to have the groups established ahead of time, but last-minute registrations or withdrawals can slightly change a group.

3. Can my child be in a group with his / her friend?
When registering your child for Camp Goodwater, you will be asked if your child has a friend that he/she would like to be placed with. If so, you can submit the name of one friend who will be attending camp in the same week as your child. Camp Goodwater will honor mutual group requests.

4. What does my child need to bring to camp?
Each day, your child should bring a lunch, sunscreen, a water bottle, and close-toed athletic shoes (no flip-flops or sandals; this is especially important on days we go to the challenge course). Your child should also bring a swimsuit, towel, and a change of clothes. Although we may not swim every day at Camp Goodwater, many of our outdoor activities incorporate water into them in some way during the summer months.
– Please label all of your child’s items so we can return them to you if they are left behind!
– Please do not send any electronic devices or cell phones. They are not permitted at camp and we will take them away and hold onto them until your child is picked up.
– Please do not send toys, games, trading cards, etc. We have plenty of activities and games at camp to keep your child busy and entertained and we don’t want anyone disappointed if his/her things go missing.

5. What should my child NOT bring to camp?
Please do not send your child to camp with any electronic devices or cell phones. We also discourage the bringing of toys, games, trading cards, etc. as we do not want any of these things to become damaged, destroyed, or misplaced throughout the summer.

6. What does my child need to bring for the field trip?
Please continue to send a lunch (non-microwaveable for field trips), water bottle, and sunscreen with your child on field trip days. Since each field trip is different, we will give you a list of additional things to bring the day before when you check your child out. We do not make exceptions on field trips to allow electronic devices or toys from home (please see # 5.)

7. I need to drop my child off later or pick my child up early from camp. Where will his/her group be?
Each group will be doing different activities throughout the day, but we do give out  a weekly schedule that will tell you the activity each group is doing at any given time. Please inform the camp staff of any late drop-off or early pick-up situations so that we can make sure to have a staff member meet you at drop-off and take your child to their the group, or have him/her ready to go for early pick-up.

8. I was given an Ouch Report when I picked my child up from camp. What does this mean?
While camper safety is our main concern during all camp activities, kids do sometimes get hurt – usually no more than a scrape, bump, or bruise. Any time we treat an injury, even something as minor as a small scratch, the camp staff member performing first aid will fill out an Ouch Report for your child letting you know how he/she got the injury and how the injury was treated. If your child ever suffers a more serious injury during camp we will notify you immediately. If you have any concerns or questions about an Ouch Report, please feel free to address them with the Camp Director or the Youth Program Coordinator.

9. I was given a Behavior Report when I picked my child up from camp. What does this mean?
Behavior Reports are rare, but we do send them home with a child if he/she has repeatedly broken camp rules. We really don’t like to do this! We know both kids and parents really don’t like to get Behavior Reports, so we make every effort to reinforce good behavior and work with campers on any unacceptable behavior at camp before we get to the point of having to write one.
The general disciplinary process is:

  1. The first time a child breaks a camp rule he/she is given a verbal warning.
  2. The second time a child breaks a camp rule he/she is given a time out or loses a privilege (e.g. sitting out for some time at the pool) and we talk with him/her about proper camp behavior.
  3. The third time a child breaks a camp rule he/she signs a camp rules contract and we discuss proper camp behavior and how we can help him/her be on his/her best behavior at camp.

This is usually as far as we need to go in the disciplinary process. However, occasionally unacceptable behavior will continue, and this is when we will send home a Behavior Report. Please note that this disciplinary process describes minor infractions. In the event of a more serious unacceptable behavior, camp staff may skip past any of the steps listed, as is reasonable.
Please also note that on a child’s third Behavior Report, he/she will be dismissed from camp for the remainder of that  day. On the fourth Behavior Report, he/she will be dismissed from Camp Goodwater for the remainder of the summer.