Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Memberships FAQ

Parks and Recreation has developed a long-term strategy, structure, and system that provides for its fiscal health and sustainability. This includes a methodology for costing services as well as a Cost Recovery model. The primary objective of this plan is to develop a framework for planning, Cost Recovery, budgeting, and pricing for the City’s parks, facilities, and programs.

Memberships FAQ

Why are you changing membership rates?

We are committed to providing high quality facilities, programs, and services to our members and guests. Some recent examples include the refinished wood floors, new cardio and strength fitness equipment, and new gymnasium equipment. While our membership rates have not increased since 2015, the cost to maintain the quality of facilities, programs, and services has increased. Our goal moving forward is to institute a more incremental approach to fee changes when necessary.

Why did you eliminate the quarterly memberships?

In an effort to pare down membership offerings, quarterly memberships were eliminated, as they were historically the least utilized.

Why is the senior rate now 60 years old?

This aligns our facilities with like facilities and providers and was a recommendation from the Cost Recovery Policy.

What is an Auto-Renew Membership?

An Auto-Renew membership is a subscription-based option where payments are automatically drafted at the beginning of each month, very similar to how payment is handled for streaming services like Netflix, HULU, or Disney +, etc.

What are the benefits of an Auto-Renew Membership?

You are not locked into a specific length of time with an Auto-Renew membership. Rates are prorated based on when you start and/or finish a membership. No start up fees or withdraw fees are charged with this option. No worrying about whether you paid this month or not, payments are auto drafted from your credit/debit card on file.

How do I set up an Auto-Renew Membership?

Memberships can be set up in-person or online. Online setup is easy, just select the membership, follow the prompts, enter your payment information and you are good to go.

What if I need to change my credit card for my Auto-Renew Membership?

New payment information can be added to your online profile or in-person. The system will charge the card that is set as the default for your account.

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership cancellation can be completed by contacting one of our customer service employees at either the Georgetown Recreation Center at 512-930-3596 or the Georgetown Tennis Center at 512-931-2444. No withdrawal fee will be charged for Auto-Renew memberships; however, a $30 withdrawal fee will be charged for Annual (pre-paid) memberships.

What about my current membership? Will it expire at the end of the year?

No, your current membership will continue until its original expiration date, at which time, you can sign up for one of the new membership options. Current membership types will only be available for purchase through December 2022.