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San Gabriel Park

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445 E. Morrow St.
Georgetown, TX 78626

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san-gabriel-park_5829429957_oMeandering right through the heart of Georgetown are the North Fork and the South Fork of the San Gabriel River. Along the banks of the San Gabriel River where the two forks meet, between the river and Austin Avenue, you’ll find one of the most beautiful parks in the state of Texas.

San Gabriel Park was designated a Lone Star Legacy Park by the Texas Recreation & Parks Society in March 2012. San Gabriel Park is one of only nine parks in Texas to be awarded this designation in its inaugural year. These parks were chosen for their historical prominence within their communities and the state by providing natural respite and social interaction as those communities were founded, developed, and prospered.

San Gabriel Park is graced with 200-year-old oak trees that offer shady spots for family picnics. The 180-acre park also provides space for concerts and festivals, as well as fields for soccer, football, lacrosse and baseball.

A hike and bike trail goes through the park, including a 1.6 mile loop in the park and other segments that connect to Blue Hole ParkRivery Park, and all the way to Lake Georgetown. There is also a 9-hole disc golf course at the north end of the park.

San Gabriel Park Pavilion Rentals

San Gabriel Park offers several pavilions that can be reserved. Fees vary depending on the length of the reservation and the address of the renter.

  • Half-day is 8:00 am – 2:00 pm or 3:00-9:00 pm. Full-day is 8:00 am – 9:00 pm.
  • Resident (R) lives within the Georgetown City Limits. Nonresident (NR) lives outside the City Limits, in the extra-territorial jurisdiction or another City.

Events require a permit for noise, signs, road closures, parking, etc. Parks Event Permit Application

Call Georgetown Parks and Recreation Administration at 512-930-3595 to reserve a part of San Gabriel Park.

Area A: Large Arbor

Capacity: 100 people          photo A
Half-day: $40 R / $50 NR          Full-day: $60 R / $75 NR

Area B: Small Arbor

Capacity: 75 people          photo B
Half-day: $40 R / $50 NR           Full-day: $60 R / $75 NR

Area C: Large BBQ Pit

Capacity: 10 people          photo C
Half-day: $20 R / $30 NR          Full-day: $30 R / $45 NR

Area F: Octagon Arbor

Capacity: 25 people          photo F
Half-day: $20 R / $30 NR          Full-day: $30 R / $40 NR

Area G: Covered Table

Capacity: 35 people          photo G
Half-day: $30 R / $40 NR Full-day          $45 R / $55 NR

Area H: Small BBQ Pit

Capacity: 10 people          photo H
Half-day: $20 R / $30 NR          Full-day: $30 R / $40 NR

Area I: Playscape Pavilion

Capacity: 15 people
Half-day: $40 R / $50 NR          Full-day: $60 R / $75 NR

Area J: Covered Arbor

with two picnic tables
Capacity: 25 people          photo J
Half-day: $20 R / $30 NR          Full-day: $30 R / $40 NR

Area FG: Flower Garden

Capacity: 75 people          photo FG
Half-day: $50 R / $65 NR          Full-day: $75 R / $95 NR

Area Z: Gazebo

Capacity: 30 people          photo Z
Half-day: $40 R / $50 NR          Full-day: $60 R / $75 NR