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Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Tennis Center Pool FAQ

1. Can the 2008 Park Bonds be used for the repairs?

Repairs to the Tennis Center and Pool were not included in the 2008 Parks Bonds. This bond was to address improvements to San Gabriel Park, development of Garey Park, Hike and Bike Trails, Westside Park acquisition and open space preservation.

2. When did the City decide to close the pool?

In 2013, an aquatic master plan was completed with the help of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The Tennis Center Pool is one of three City pools located within a 2.5 mile geographic radius. It was built in 1978 and acquired by the City in 1999. The master plan identified the Tennis Center Pool as a site for future closure due to its poor condition and also the close proximity to other City pools. At the time, the City chose to operate the pool as long as possible without large repair costs. This has been done for the last 6 years. The decision to finally close the Tennis Center Pool was not determined lightly as there were many factors to consider. The pool participation numbers are historically lower than other area pools with an average daily attendance around 50. In addition to this, the Williamson County and Cities Heath District is implementing new public pool operational safety standards in 2020 that will impact the ability to operate the Tennis Center Pool.

3. What modifications must be done to ensure the pool is functioning properly?

  1. Modification of pool circulation system and pump room to meet state-mandated circulation turnover rate requirements which would require a complete replacement of the existing plumbing.
  2. Re-plastering of pool.
  3. Installation of new chlorination system using an Accu-Tab PPG Chlorinator.
  4. Replacement of pool filters.
  5. Addition of ADA accessible means of pool entry.
  6. Re-leveling/re-surfacing of pool deck.
  7. Leak repair in baby pool.
  8. New covered equipment facility.

4. There was money proposed in a future CIP for the Tennis Center, why can’t that be used?

In 2016, the Parks CIP 5-year long range project plan included improvements to the Tennis Center related to drainage and Tennis Court maintenance. When CIP budgets are presented, only the current year is adopted and the out years are subject to change. With regards to what was proposed at the Tennis Center, staff was able to make modification through a less expensive means.

5. There is no other pool in the city that has a shallow end and a deep end that offers trees and shade.

The River Ridge Pool offers similar depths with a 3.5-ft. shallow end and a deep end that kids can swim in freely. This pool also is surrounded by trees and offers shade.

6. Is a road going in next to the Tennis Center Pool?

In February, City Council approved designating property along Lakeway Dr. between Northwest Blvd. and Airport Rd. as Industrial. This rezoning was done in tandem with a development agreement to assist in constructing a road through the property to connect Lakeway Dr. to the southern portion of the airport. The City’s future land use map designates this area as an employment center. This rezoning is the final entitlement needed to allow for the area to develop. The City worked with the property owners and adjacent neighbors to include certain restrictions on the property to limit the impact of the development on existing residents.  This new road is not near the Tennis Center or Pool.