Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Arbor Day Tree Adoption

A man and a woman pose with a tree in front of their car that they received at the Arbor Day Tree Giveaway event in Georgetown, TX

Saturday, November 6, 2021
8:30-11:30 a.m.
Georgetown Municipal Complex, 300 Industrial Ave.

Homeowners must register in advance to receive one free 5-gallon tree per household. Only City of Georgetown residents are allowed to receive a tree through this program. Trees are intended for planting on private property. Tree species and quantities are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. 400 trees will be made available for this event.

All trees have now been reserved and reservations are closed.

Tree species offered are: Chinquapin Oak, Cedar Elm and Shumard Oak

Participants must pick up their tree during the adoption event. Trees will not be held for future pickup, nor will they be available for pickup prior to the event on November 6.

After registering you will receive an initial email that verifies your submission. Your address will then be checked to verify residency, and if approved, you will receive a second email with your designated pickup time. Pick up times will be assigned in 30-minute increments throughout the duration of the event. If the assigned time slot does not work for you, we will attempt to make adjustments, but we ask that changes are made only if absolutely necessary.

You must bring a form of identification, along with your confirmation email, in order to pick up your tree during your designated time slot. You may request a specific tree species, but please note that trees are first come, first served and we cannot guarantee your selection will be available.

Questions? Contact Melissa Pecorino, Special Events & Marketing Coordinator, at


Tree Planting Resources

Did you receive a free tree? Read through this list of resources for proper planting and tree care.

Selecting the Right Tree
Interactive Tree Selector Program from the Texas Forest Service.

Call Before You Dig
Call 811 before you dig. When you call 811 within 48 hours, utility companies are notified about your intent to dig and will send a locator to mark utility-owned underground electric lines, pipes or cables in the work area, free of charge. Learn more at

Planting Tips
Fall Planting Tips from Take Care of Texas.

Pruning Guides
Recommended reading from the National Arbor Day Foundation:

Infographic from the National Arbor Day Foundation about where to plant the right tree in the right place










For more resources, visit our Urban Forestry Basic Tree Care guide.

Arbor Day Tree Adoption FAQ’s

Can I take home a tree for a family member or neighbor?
You may pick up a tree for someone else ONLY if you have a copy of their confirmation email and their proof of residency.

How big are the trees?
Trees are in 5-gallon containers and are approximately 5 feet tall. Trees should be able to be transported by car or truck. We recommend that you bring an old sheet or garbage bags to protect your vehicle’s upholstery/carpet.

How do I prove that I reside in the City of Georgetown?
An official document that confirms your household address, such as a Drivers License or utility bill, can be used.

How will I receive information about my tree?
You will receive an initial confirmation email after completing the registration form. Once your residency is verified, you will receive a second email with details about which tree species we will be able to give you, along with your assigned time slot to pick up your tree. Pick up times will be assigned in 30-minute increments throughout the duration of the event on November 6. Please note that trees may ONLY be picked up on the day of the event. We will not distribute trees prior to or after November 6.

Will there be someone to assist with loading the tree into my vehicle?
Yes! Parks and Recreation staff will be on hand to load trees.

Can I volunteer to help out with this event? 
We do need volunteers for the day before, and the morning of the event. Contact us at for more information.