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Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Youth Athletic Skills Development Clinic

Youth Athletic Skills Development







Ages 6-16
$105 Resident/$140 Nonresident

COVID-19 Program Protocols

Program Cancellation and Withdrawal Policy

This seven-week, athletic-based program presented by Turnfit Academy, consists of developing life skills, such as competition, teamwork (socialization), work ethic, and confidence. The athletic components will encompass speed, mobility, explosion, footwork/coordination, balance, and overall functional strength.


  • Injury Prevention: With any of our programs, safety will always be priority #1. The athletes will be taught the correct way of HOW to train.
  • Core: When we use the word “core” we are embarking on the foundation to all movements, such as posture, correcting muscle imbalances, and strength. Core strength will be an integral part of the injury prevention element.
  • Athletic Gains: The athletes will make significant gains in the following components: strength, mobility, stability, speed, coordination, and balance.


Questions about Youth Athletics? Please contact Riggin Anderson at or 512-930-6820.

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