Special Events

Special Event Sponsorships

The Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department presents a variety of annual special events that bring our community together. Through these events, we strive to make a positive impact on citizens of all ages, building traditions and a sense of community for our residents and their families, neighbors and friends.

Is your business or organization looking for an opportunity to reach people who are active, health-conscious, or love the outdoors? Our Special Events Sponsorship Program offers a wide range of sponsorship and advertising opportunities that will help you reach your target audience!

2017 Special Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Park Event Permits

Events held in San Gabriel Park, Booty’s Park Pavilion, and Rivery Pavilion may require a Parks Event Permit. Some gatherings and organized activities may place unique demands on public resources or pose a potential danger to public health, safety and welfare. In order to plan for these demands and ensure safety, it is necessary that the City of Georgetown Parks & Recreation Department receives 14 days advance notice of these events.

Some events are considered City Special Events and require a special event application for cooperation with city services such as PD, Fire, Streets and Risk Management. If a special event permit is required we will make reservation and collect payment for areas to ensure availability. Payment will be refunded if permit is denied.

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