Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Heritage Community Garden

2100 Hutto Rd.
Georgetown, TX

Park Hours
5 a.m.-10 p.m.

Lighted parking lot, Restroom

The newly renovated Heritage Community Garden is now open for individuals with a desire to garden. The City of Georgetown Parks & Recreation Dept. has recently taken over the garden, and several improvements have been made, including:

  • A permanent restroom facility has been constructed.
  • Concrete sidewalks have been installed for restroom and accessible raised bed access.
  • A dumpster has been added, along with a designated area to drop off green waste for offsite recycling.
  • In partnership with the Williamson County Area Beekeepers Association, hives will be constructed onsite in a separated fenced area.

Garden Plot Sizes

  • 20’ x 20’ In-ground = $50 resident/$75 nonresident (Quantity: 25)
  • 7’ x 16’ Raised bed = $40 resident/$50 nonresident (Quantity: 45)
  • 7’ x 16’ Accessible raised bed = $40 resident/$50 nonresident (Quantity: 8)

Heritage Community Garden Plot Map

Reserving your garden

Garden plots are available for rent for gardeners to plant their own flowers, vegetables, and fruits.

Community garden sites are made available on a first-come, first-served basis and plots will be assigned by Georgetown Parks & Recreation.

Rentals are limited to the following, per address:

  • Up to two raised beds
  • One of each (raised and in-ground)
  • One in-ground

Leases run from February-December, and may be renewed annually. Plots can be reserved throughout the year, but fees will not be prorated.

To reserve your plot(s), call us at 512-930-3595.

Code of Conduct

  • Plots must be kept clean and free of weeds and litter.
  • The garden is an organic gardening site, petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides are not to be used.
  • If a plot become unkempt, gardeners will be given two weeks to clean it up. The plot will be reassigned if it remains unkempt after a one-time courtesy notification.
  • Gardeners may only pick their own crops, unless given permission by others.
  • Do not leave water hoses unattended.
  • Plants must be kept within the plot boundaries and not allowed to grow to a height that shades neighboring plots.
  • The building of permanent structures is not allowed, and any temporary structures may not be built at heights that shade neighboring plots.
  • All dogs must be kept on leash, per City Ordinance, and gardeners are responsible for the removal of pet waste.
  • You may not transfer or sublet your plot.
  • You must notify Georgetown Parks & Recreation at 512-930-3595 if you abandon your plot for any reason.
  • Do not share the combination lock code with anyone.
  • Rentals are limited to the following, per address: up to two raised beds, one of each (raised and in-ground) or one in-ground.
  • Georgetown Parks & Recreation has provided a dumpster for trash associated with gardening activities, not household waste. Please respect the green waste area and only dispose of green waste from my plots in the Heritage Community Garden, not green waste from home or non-green waste trash.