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Martial Arts

View of a woman's hands as she practices Tai Chi

Become proficient in martial arts, learn some self defense moves and get in a good workout!

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Tai Chi Basics

Ages 18+
$30 Resident/$40 Nonresident
Monday, 8-9 a.m.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice to exercise the mind and body through a series of gentle, flowing postures (choreographed movements) combined into standardized forms. Summer 2024 the class will focus on the Yang Style 18 Fan Form that takes about three months to learn.  The instructor has some fans that can be loaned out, but students who have a Tai Chi fan are encouraged to bring their own.  Taught by Ann Berasley (  Tai Chi Basics focuses on shorter Tai Chi and Qigong forms (usually fewer than 20 postures).  Benefits include improved posture and range of motion, better balance, greater lung capacity, and an improved metal focus.

Tai Chi Yang 24 Form

Ages 18+
$30 Resident/$40 Nonresident
Monday, 9-10 a.m.

Tai Chi is a series of slow-moving Chinese martial arts movements combined into standardized forms that exercises both the mind and body. The Yang 24 Form (a series of 24 movements) introduces the essential elements of Tai Chi, while retaining the flavor of the traditional longer forms. Benefits of Tai Chi include improved range of motion, increased lung capacity, better circulation, and improved balance.

Tai Chi 42 Weapon Form

Ages 18+
$45 Resident/$55 Nonresident
Monday, 10-11:30 a.m.

Tai Chi also includes forms that use weapons, such as fans, sticks and swords. The class focuses on the 42 Sword Form and the Tai Chi 18 Stick Form. The 42 Sword Form is a contemporary (1991) standardized form combining movements from the four major styles of Tai Chi – Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu. This form is more challenging due to its length and the variety of styles included. Weapon forms offer the same health benefits as non-weapon forms including improved posture and range of motion, better balance, greater lung capacity, and improved mental focus. A sword or stick can be borrowed from the instructor, but students should plan to purchase their own weapons. Swords must not have a sharpened edge.