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Looking to make a difference locally? Volunteers are the heart of our organization! The goal of the City of Georgetown Parks & Recreation Department Volunteer Program is to actively promote a mutually rewarding relationship between volunteers who offer their talents, skills and time who will support them in their efforts to cooperatively foster stewardship of our community’s parks, natural areas, and recreation and social programs.

For more information on Parks & Recreation volunteer opportunities, contact Courtney Butler at 512-930-8468 or

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available for athletic coaches, special events, general park maintenance and at Garey Park.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

May the Fourth


Summer Materials Prep – June 3


Sunset Movie Series


Park Maintenance


Garey Park

Application Process

All volunteers must be 16 years or older unless otherwise noted. Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult. Volunteering with us is easy! Just fill out the online application and we will be in touch.

Once your application has been received, a volunteer coordinator will review it and contact you with additional information. If the volunteer is determined to be a good fit for the program, you will receive information about our volunteer onboarding process, which may include a background check, depending on the type of volunteer role.

Volunteer FAQs

Why volunteer?

We need you! Volunteers help us in almost everything we do.

You can gain new skills, meet new people, make a difference, and have fun! The experience, training, and confidence acquired while working as a volunteer can be invaluable.

What volunteer opportunities are available?

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the department, ranging from Garey Park, to special events, to general park maintenance.

What requirements are there for volunteering?

Volunteer short-term, long-term, or for one-time events. Individuals under the age of 18 must have written consent of the parent or legal guardian before they may volunteer. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

For ongoing Garey Park volunteers, once you apply and pass a background check, prospective volunteers will attend an orientation to learn more about our needs and volunteer opportunities. Volunteers may choose to help with the opportunities that interest them the most.

What is expected of volunteers?

Whether you choose to volunteer one day per week, per month, or per year, you are expected to follow through on the commitment you make to the program. All volunteers are required to follow Georgetown Parks & Recreation rules and regulations. Volunteers are required to sign-up for opportunities online.

Volunteers are also encouraged to comment on their experiences with Georgetown Parks & Recreation. If there is something that needs improvement or something we are doing well, please let us know!

Can youth under 18 years old volunteer?

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old or older. If under 16, volunteers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please see below for information on group volunteer opportunities. Minors are not be permitted to do certain work.

What group volunteer opportunities are available?

Group opportunities may be available, such as community volunteer days or special events. Age restrictions may apply and adult supervision must be provided for youth.

I want to work for Georgetown Parks & Recreation someday. Will volunteering help me get a job?

Volunteering with Georgetown Parks & Recreation is a great way to gain new skills and experience. Including relevant volunteer work on job applications and resumes can make you a stronger candidate. All job applicants must follow the City of Georgetown employment process. Hiring supervisors will take volunteer time in to consideration when reviewing applicants. However, volunteering with the City of Georgetown does not guarantee employment.

Do you have an internship program?

Yes! Georgetown Parks and Recreation offers paid and unpaid internship opportunities. Available internship opportunities will be posted at