Georgetown Parks & Recreation

2022 Master Plan

The future of Georgetown Parks & Recreation begins today, with the 2022 Master Plan, adopted in January 2022 by the Georgetown City Council. The Master Plan provides a vision for the Department and serves as a guide for the next 10 years. This community-driven plan establishes a clear direction to guide the Department in the growth, development and enhancement of the community’s parks, public spaces, recreation programs, services and facilities.

This plan will:

  • use community engagement to create a clear 10-year vision for the Department
  • provide an action plan with concise and innovative recommendations to achieve the vision
  • update the inventory and analysis of indoor and outdoor facilities to position Georgetown to build on its unique charm and character
  • maximize Department resources to further expand recreation opportunities throughout the City
  • become an element of the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan
  • meet the Texas Parks and Wildlife Master Plan requirements

The City of Georgetown hired GreenPlay, LLC, a nationally-known parks and recreation management consulting firm to oversee the plan.

Documents & Presentations

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