Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Park Curfews and Rules

The City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department and the volunteer Park Rangers hope you have an enjoyable time in the parks and along the hike and bike trails. Our goal is to maintain a clean and safe environment for all visitors to our parks and would like to inform the public of the ordinances and rules associated with them.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Park Rangers, please contact Erik Grasse at

Park Hours

The City Parks shall be open to the general public from dawn to dusk daily, except as follows or specifically posted otherwise:

  • Hike and Bike Trail – The hike and bike trail along the San Gabriel River shall be open to the general public between the hours of 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Lighted Sport Courts (e.g. basketball, tennis, volleyball, skating) shall close at 11 p.m.
  • San Gabriel Park shall close at midnight. The Show Barn, Rodeo Arena, Football Field, San Gabriel Park baseball field and GYBA baseball fields within San Gabriel Park shall not be considered City Parks for the purpose of this Subchapter.

Prohibited Practices

  • Use or possess any glass beverage bottle in City parks.
  • Parking in undesignated areas.
  • Operating a motor vehicle within a park, except on roads and parking lots.
  • Golfing except where signs designate an area for such use.
  • Fires in undesignated grills or fire pits.
  • Overnight sleeping.
  • Conducting any commercial or business activities.
  • Model or remote control boats, planes, gliders, rockets, vehicles, etc.
  • Hunting, bow fishing, releasing any animal.
  • Disturbing legitimate or permitted facility use, activities, events, leagues, tournaments, etc.
  • Indecent or abusive language, or any activity, which creates a public nuisance.
  • Parks and trails are regulated by the Antiquities Code of Texas. As such, any unauthorized digging is prohibited by law.
  • Removing or damaging plants, grass, or otherwise disturbing any part of the environment
  • Vandalizing or defacing any structures, facilities, or natural features.
  • Firing or discharging any air powered weapon, archery device, firearm or other weapon.
  • Dive or jump from any cliff or rock face on City parkland.
  • Horses on any trail.
  • Unleashed pets, except in designated areas. Removal of animal waste is required.
  • Use of water slides, water riders, or dunking booths.
  • Animal exhibition.
  • Failure to observe posted signs in parks and along trails.

Special Use Permits are required for:

  • Park Events (PARD)
  • Special Event (Events)
  • Extended Hours (PARD)
  • Itinerant Merchant (Events)
  • Animal Exhibition (Events)
  • Discharge of weapons (PD)
  • Noise Waiver (Events)
Click here for the special event permit specific to use of City parks.  To read more about general special event permits and when they are required, visit

Park Event Administrative Rules

  • A Park Event Permit must be completed at least 14 days before the event in order to assure time for city processing.
  • Williamson County and Cities Health District (WCCHD) requires food vendors that are participating in temporary events lasting more than 4 hours to obtain a temporary food establishment permit. A Food Establishment Permit must be obtained from the Williamson County Health Department at 512-943-3600 prior to Park Permit approval.
  • If alcohol is sold, provide a copy of TABC Permit. For alcohol approval, Host Liquor Liability insurance must be provided.
  • If signs/banners will be utilized for the event it must be indicated on the event site plan and adhere to the City of Georgetown sign ordinance.
  • If amusement rides/bounce house(s) are used in conjunction with the event the location(s) must be indicated on the event site plan. Proof of Insurance must be provided no later than 10 business days before event for permit approval. **Rides and/or attractions associated at special events shall conform with the statutory rules and regulations set forth in Chapter 21. Article 21.53 of the Texas Insurance Code, designated the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act, as amended. Certificates of Inspection and copies of inspection reports will be required. From time to time a question arises concerning whether a ride is subject to the requirements of the Texas Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act. (The Act lists rides that are included and excluded, but there are still instances where questions arise.) In those cases, the City of Georgetown’s position is that the ride is included unless the applicant can provide written documentation from the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) that the specific ride(s) have been reviewed and determined not to fall under the Act. It is the Applicant’s responsibility to provide a written TDI opinion exempting that specific ride(s).
  • If animals (other than pets on a leash) will be used in conjunction with the event the location(s) must be indicated on the event site planA hand washing station must be provided and indicated on the site plan for permit approval.
  • Approval for extended hours only applies to tax exempt charitable organizations hosting fundraising if personnel associated with the organization need to remain in the park to safeguard equipment or supplies, or to tend cooking food. Applications for permits under this Section must be accompanied by a one hundred dollar ($100.00) application processing fee. This application fee will be returned to the applicant if the City’s Parks and Recreation Director determines that the applicant has complied with all provisions of the extended-hours permit, all rules related to clean-up, and all other applicable City ordinances. No more than two (2) special permits shall be granted to an eligible entity in each calendar year. Applicants must demonstrate that they are a tax exempt charitable organization by providing copies of the following documentation.
    1.  Annual information returns (e.g., Form 990);
    2.  Annual information returns (e.g., Form 990);
    3.  Notice of status under Section 527(i) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Sk8 Park Rules

This is an unsupervised park. Skate at your own risk.

  • Using the skate park may expose the user to serious injury including broken bones, paralysis or death. Protective equipment should be worn at all times. Use of the following equipment is strongly recommended: HELMETS, PADS (ELBOW, KNEE & HIP), and WRIST GUARDS.
  • Modifications to the skating surfaces or elements are strictly prohibited.
  • Skating elements may not be moved from their original positions.
  • Consumption of food or drink is not permitted on any skating surface or equipment.
  • Alcohol, drugs, tobacco products and glass containers are not permitted.
  • Skateboards and skates ONLY! Bicycles are prohibited.
  • All skaters under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult while using the park.
  • Pets are not permitted at this facility.
  • Vandalism or abuse of the skating elements may result in the removal of all features.
  • Please report any unsafe behavior or damaged equipment immediately to the Georgetown Parks and Recreation office at (512) 930-3595. For emergencies call 911.

Dog Park Rules

The following rules will apply to any off-leash dog recreation area and will be posted:



  1. No dangerous dogs or dogs classified as aggressive, pursuant to the City of Georgetown Animal Ordinance Chapter 7.05 are allowed.
  2. Dogs showing any signs of aggression must be leashed and immediately removed from the park.
  3. Dogs with two documented incidents of aggression are banned from the park.
  4. All dogs must be leashed when entering and leaving the park.
  5. All dogs must have current rabies and all other vaccinations as required by the City of Georgetown and should be healthy and free of contagious diseases and parasites.
  6. Dogs must wear current license tags in the dog park.
  7. Dog owners/handlers must ensure that their dog’s rabies vaccination tag is attached to their dog’s collar while in the dog park.
  8. Spiked collars are not permitted.
  9. The small dog enclosure is for dogs under 30 pounds.
  10. Dog owners/handlers must never leave dogs unattended.
  11. Dogs must be in view of and within voice control of their owner/handler at all times.
  12. Dog owners/handlers must carry a leash with them at all times while in the dog park.
  13. Dog owners/handlers are responsible for picking up and disposing of all their dogs waste.
  14. Dogs in heat are prohibited.
  15. Dogs under 4 months of age are prohibited.
  16. All dogs must be under the control of an adult and there is a limit of 2 dogs per adult in the dog park at any time.
  17. With the exception of water, no food or drink (dog or person) is allowed in the park.
  18. No glass containers allowed in the dog park.
  19. No bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, or any motorized vehicles.
  20. Children under 12 years of age must be under strict adult supervision. Running and chasing dogs is prohibited.
  21. No smoking in the dog park.
  22. Dog owners/handlers waive any and all liability to the City for any injury or damage caused (by dogs or persons) while accessing or using the city parks.
  23. An Incident Form for rule violations should be completed within 48 hours and submitted to the City Parks and Recreation Department at 1101 N. College St. or by email to
  24. Park is subject to closure upon determination by the City that there is a reason deemed to be in the public’s interest or safety.
  25. Dog owners/handlers may not chain or tether a dog with any restraint unless said person is holding the restraint.
  26. Any and all equipment, waste, or any other item brought into the park by an individual must be removed at the time of departure by said individual.

Immediately report all animal bites to the Georgetown Police Department at (512) 930-3510.

To report maintenance issues or rule violations, please contact the Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department at (512) 930-3595.

Trail Etiquette

  • Respect other users, expect other users.
  • Be friendly and courteous.
  • Share the trail. Ride, walk, or run on the right, pass on the left.
  • Stay on the trail. Creating your own trail or cutting switchbacks creates erosion, damages habitat and causes new trails which cannot be maintained.
  • Bicyclists yield to runners and hikers. Keep your bike under control and at a safe speed.
  • Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic. When in doubt, give the other user the right of way.
  • Warn people when you are planning to pass.
  • Anticipate other trail users around corners and blind spots.
  • Ride within your ability at all times.
  • Respect wildlife.
  • Use caution when using headphones. You may not be able to hear people trying to warn you.
  • Leave no trace. Pack out your litter.