Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Mulching 101

Mulch is a key ingredient for a happy tree. A thin layer of mulch around the tree can help it retain moisture longer and keep the water available to the root system. Berms should be about 4-6 inches deep. Be sure not to put mulch directly on the trunk of the tree. Done correctly, a berm should look like a doughnut around the tree trunk.

It’s hard to judge sometimes what the correct amount of mulch can be and how to properly place it around the tree. Below is an example of the correct way to build up mulch around a tree – water will collect inside a correct berm and kind of resembles the moat of a castle.

What To Watch For

Having just grass is wrong – mulch is needed to keep water in and weed eaters out. “Volcano mulching” is when too much mulch is piled up against the trunk. Not volcano mulching – but too close to the trunk. Water can’t be held inside the mulch till it is absorbed by the tree roots – water just flows off onto the grass.