Georgetown Parks & Recreation

Memorial Tree and Memorial Bench Program

We have reached capacity and are no longer accepting bench requests for San Gabriel Park.  We are still accepting memorial trees in San Gabriel Park.

We are now offering memorial bench locations at Garey Park and around the pond at Rivery Park.

Are you looking for a special way to mark the birth of a child, grandchild or celebrate a special birthday? Having trouble finding a unique wedding or anniversary gift? Looking for a way to memorialize loved ones who have passed away? Donating a memorial tree or bench to the City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation Department is the perfect solution for all these occasions. There are few other gifts that will be as long lasting as a tree. A tree will immortalize your personal occasion, and a bench will give you and your family a place to go to remember. Either of these gifts will give back to your community in ways no other gift can. Memorial trees and benches will provide for a more enjoyable recreation experience for the citizens and visitors of Georgetown for many years to come.

Memorial Tree and Bench Application

How does the memorial tree and bench program work?

Green bench with plaque in San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, TXFill out a Memorial Tree and Bench Application and return your application along with payment to the Parks and Recreation Administration office. Application forms will not be accepted without full payment. Trees may be donated any time of the year, however they will only be planted during the tree planting season, November through early March. Benches can be installed any time of year. Please note that once the application is turned in, bench delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks.

Memorial plaques are only allowed with bench purchases. The donor must purchase the plaque separately and provide it to the City prior to bench installation. Plaque verbiage must be reviewed and approved by Georgetown Parks and Recreation staff prior to ordering. 

Memorial plaques should be generally the size of a shoebox. If granite, plaque should be no less than 2″ in depth. If metal, plaques must include mounting bolts on the backside.

On the application form you will find “Georgetown’s Approved Memorial Species List” which lists tree species you can pick from. During the tree planting season, November thru early March, Georgetown Parks and Recreation employees will purchase and plant the tree you selected. The trees will be planted in areas based on current lack of trees, decline of existing mature trees, suitable soil type and future park development plans. The exact location within a park is at the discretion of the Urban Forester. If the tree dies within one year from the time it is planted, we will replace the tree with a tree of the same size and species, at our expense.

Memorial plaques will no longer be permitted with trees.

What do you receive for your $250 tree or $1,500 bench?

  1. A high-quality 30-gallon tree, which is 8 to 12 feet tall and 2? caliper, planted and maintained (mulched, watered, & pruned) for its life span.
  2. A 6’ long bench set in a concrete pad. Bench material and color may vary depending on location.
  3. A commemorative certificate, a location map, and a photo of your tree or bench.

For more information about this program, contact the City of Georgetown’s Urban Forester, Heather Brewer McFarling, at 512-930-6113 or